The Archives of LB Jeffrys Digitization Project began in 2015 to catalog an estimated 2 million artifacts and manuscripts currently housed in the warehouse of The Archives of LB Jeffrys. As of February 2017, the Digitizing Archivist Team has made great progress with Phase I of the project: photographing/digitizing/OCR for the first 10% of The Archive ( ~218,000 items) consisting mainly of curator-selected artifacts and manuscripts. In mid 2017, a second team of archivists and curators began work on Phase II, to organize the digitized data into cross-referential databases. Phase III, which includes the internet web library for The Archives is scheduled to begin in 2Q-2025. The Archives of LB Jeffrys Digitization Project wishes to thank our highest level donors who have made this work possible through generous endowments and continuing private grants.